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Also note that in some areas export control devices may be required for solar system owners. A list of retailers operating in the region can be found here. Tasmania is technically an open market for retail electricity, but there is little competition in the state so far.

An update on my situation.

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AGL offers 20cent FiT guaranteed for 2 years and their ToU tariff consumption rates were better overall fro me as well. I am very happy with the change. FYI to those up North. Keep a watchful eye on the eventual release of the Roadmap to Renewables report for possible future changes to the solar feed in tariff. Previous gov response below. Do not fall into step with the rest of Australia. The details on this page are being updated manually as plans come through — my mid-July most of them will have been fully updated so stay tuned!

I live in Sydney and have Energy Australia one of the sharks as my retailer. Originally I was on the Gross FiT of 60cents, dropped to 6. We recently published this article , which has a list of concrete ways you can try to minimise the impending price hikes. Hope it helps a bit. The feed in tariff available today is not enough to pay for the servicing of panels, damage or breakage by hail etc that should accumulate over time.

The only ones making money out of it are the retailers getting your power for 6 cents and reselling to others at 24 cents or more. I suggest everyone with solar turn them off on a defined day and let the retailers of electricity have to buy the spot price from the grid maybe up to 40 cents a Kw and then a realistic price will be offered!! I too generate more than I use and am being slugged. That is a lot cheaper than the last rental, but those numbers are a joke! Tonight the panels get turned off and will only be active on weekends, when it is my power for ME.

Like you, we would love to see higher solar feed-in rates across the country — they would certainly help system owners as well as the industry as a whole! Hopefully QLD will follow suit…. Hi, I found your descriptions of feed in tarrifs most interesting particularly the part about Net and Gross methods of payment plans. You also state that most companies now offer the nett system of reward for any power generated. I have been in touch with the I select team who compare many companies to find the best plan for me and it is border line weather it is worth changing providers.

How can this be possible, I am on a Gross scheme and obviously every other scheme the I select offer were also yet you state that Net schemes are common now. Please explain Regards Ken. Those higher rates were replaced with the current market rates detailed in this article. Now, however, with the lower rates, it make more sense to switch to a net meter. Read more about gross vs net solar metering here. Thank you for your response, I am sorry to have troubled you with my dilemma , i live in Vic and have since contacted my provider and they have set me straight that they do use a nett system of billing.

The confusion I have had is on their bill reporting method where I was under the impression that my generated figure was higher than the usage figure however I have had it explained to me that figures shown are the smart meters difference of usage against power generated. So it does appear they use a nett system as you have previously stated, thank you for your time and sorry to have bothered you with this. Regards Ken. The 31 cents was paying my entire bill. For anyone thinking of putting solar on their roof even at the Solar is no longer a viable proposition.

For me to now cover my costs I would have to put about 40 odd panels on the roof. Who has that type of money and if they did they would not recoup their costs. Solar now had its day.

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Thanks for the comment. The folks who received the premium feed-in tariffs like the one you were on paid a lot more for their systems — so they needed the high returns for going solar to make sense. Check with your retailer for confirmation. Think it might be time to change our electricity provider. We try to be very clear with people that these days solar is about self-consumption — you get the best value from a solar system by using the energy directly yourself.

We used post codes from Sydney on EnergyMadeEasy, which is why they were left out. I live in NSW and do not see a need to fit a solar system in a hurry when energy providers are having difficulty installing smart meters especially to households with 3-phase.

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For the cost involved in installation, we would only end up generating energy for them, selling it to them cheaply, and buying back at a premium. I hear a lot of complaints about this at the moment. What are the authorities doing about this scam that is filling up the pockets of the energy companies? In a nutshell, this means that solar system owners get the most value out of their solar by self-consuming it — using it themselves. A side bonus of home solar self-consumption is that there is no solar energy going to electricity retailers in the end. Hi Mortimer. The way to save the most money with solar on a low solar feed-in tariff is to focus on solar self-consumption — basically, using your solar energy as it is produced.

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  • My holiday house, Sth of Ulladulla, has a 4. Usage, 92 days:- kw The killer is the Supply charge … Which will continue to rise. I receive the 43c feed in tariff.

    Am I able to change energy suppliers and still keep the tariff. Origin currently have 12c FIT for when you purchase a solar package through them.

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    Also no one really tells you about the. If Govts changed rules to allow gas hot water systems to be changed to reverse cycle electric linked to spare solar power hot water storage only for solar PV owners, then the solar power could heat water during the day and store it for your evening or morning shower. It would be great for new houses to have this type of HWS and solar.

    When we have cool sunny days and cold nights, I think a storage heating system would be a good idea. Basically a rock with electric heating elements in it and a fan to blow air over it though an insulated box. Again, it would be good to see business case for this. All of this would be quite easy for new homes, but Im sure someone must have a unit out there to retrofit the old AC? Instead, what really matters is self-consumption — how much of the solar energy will you consume directly yourself during the daytime hours.

    Because of the low rates, it makes little sense to send solar energy into the grid. How to get the most out of your PV system Part 1 : System sizing. How to get the most out of your PV system Part 2 : Energy consumption patterns. The sooner they come up with a viable battery storage system the better, then we can tell the energy companies where to shove it… Energy Australia just decreased my buyback from 6.

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    AGL has just reduced their solar feedin tariff to the mandated minimum. Thanks very much. In most states feed-in tariff benefits are nontransferable you can read this article to learn about whether this is the case in your state. If it is the case that there is no state-backed solar feed-in tariff available to you, then we recommend choosing your electricity retailer based on their retail tariff rates as opposed to their solar rates.

    Which electricity retailer is giving the best solar feed-in tariff?

    This may require a bit of behaviour change switching more of your electricity usage to daylight hours , but it is the best way to get the most out of your solar system. You may also wish to consider an energy storage system to store the excess solar for evening use. Hi, l put in 3kw solar panels to reduce my bills as l an nearing retirement. I advised people not to put in solar panels great for the environment but the cost on the pocket is just highway robbery. These days, anyone who goes solar should be aiming to maximise their daytime electricity usage — by doing so you avoid needing to purchase electricity from the grid.

    Although years ago — when there were still strong solar feed-in tariffs in place — it made sense to export your solar electricity into the grid at a premium, because the rates are minimal now, that strategy no longer makes sense. This is something that your installer should have explained to you at the beginning. This should save you more money and make your system more worth its salt. For the most part, however, solar installations should require only very minimal maintenance — panels are self-cleaning and there are no other moving parts to break down.

    Inverters do require routine replacement at the year mark, depending on the brand and its warranty. May we ask which company installed your system? We can look into it further if they are an installer in our network. Good idea to switch if you have solar?

    You end up paying approximately the same amount as you did with your current supplier as in my case with Energy Australia. How is that possible you might ask. Yes, but you will be charge more for the energy you are using and for the supply. Basically, the solar offer is simply about baiting the customer with solar. Switch to Click? Not if you are wanting to earn any money for your solar.