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It can usually be accomplished online in a few minutes, though you should allow a week or two to get your membership card in the mail. Stay over a Saturday night if at all possible. Like the airlines, most car rental companies offer the lowest rates and almost all of their coupon specials only to those who stay over a Saturday night. We learned this the hard way when doing a rental from a Sunday night through a Friday afternoon — none of the coupons seem to apply.

Rent for 5 days or more if it fits your travel plans. Usually weekly rentals require a 5-day minimum.

Weekly rates are almost always cheaper than daily rates, and coupon specials often apply only to weekly rentals. Note that you cannot turn in the car early and still get the original rate. Rent for 3 days or less, over a weekend if it fits your travel plans.

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Usually weekend rentals require a 3-day maximum and a Saturday night stay. Weekend rates are almost always cheaper than daily rates, and there are often coupons for weekend rentals.

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Note that you cannot turn in the car late and still get the original rate. Sometimes the smaller cars sell out first and the agencies have a glut of midsize or fullsize cars. Hourly rates apply if you return the car within the period of 30 minutes to 2 hours past the pick-up time. Thanks to Dan B and Paula H for the info.

Add a Complimentary Day to Your Weekend Car Rental, Here’s How:

If you have an American Express card that participates in the Membership Rewards program , be aware that the rental car rewards usually cannot be used with other discounts. For that reason, the rental car rewards are not usually such a hot deal. Thanks to Cathy D for pointing this out. We have had good results renting from all of them and would not hesitate to choose them again. Also, in our experience, the lower-tier companies are more likely to give you the extra-hard sell on buying add-ons like insurance or pre-paid gas.

Many rental car companies have divided their business between two different brands. The brands are owned by the same parent company, but generally speaking, one brand is intended for business travellers and the other for leisure vacation travelers. Did you know that you probably do not need to purchase the extra insurance offered by rental car companies i.

Most US residents are covered for collision damage by their own auto insurance policies unless they are renting an unusual vehicle. Note that some policies may exclude rented SUVs, luxury cars or convertibles. Call your insurance company to confirm what type of coverage your policy provides for rental cars. Many upper end credit cards and charge cards , such as Gold and Platinum American Express and some MasterCard and Visa cards, also include insurance benefits when you use them to rent a car.

Credit card benefits differ widely, so call to get specifics before choosing whether or not to purchase the insurance. LOU basically means that if the car is damaged during your rental, the car rental company will try to keep charging you the daily rental fee until the car comes back from the repair shop. Hawaii Enterprise Locations.

Idaho Enterprise Locations. Illinois Enterprise Locations. Indiana Enterprise Locations.

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Iowa Enterprise Locations. Kansas Enterprise Locations. Kentucky Enterprise Locations. Louisiana Enterprise Locations.

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Maine Enterprise Locations. Maryland Enterprise Locations. Massachusetts Enterprise Locations. Michigan Enterprise Locations.

Minnesota Enterprise Locations. Mississippi Enterprise Locations. Missouri Enterprise Locations.

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Montana Enterprise Locations. Nebraska Enterprise Locations. Nevada Enterprise Locations. New Hampshire Enterprise Locations. New Jersey Enterprise Locations. New Mexico Enterprise Locations. New York Enterprise Locations. North Carolina Enterprise Locations. North Dakota Enterprise Locations.

Ohio Enterprise Locations. Imagine riding in the car of your dreams at a budget you can afford. Great for a family vacation, 8 passenger min-vans for for travel all across Florida, are a good deal.

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As a premier car industry leader, Budget Car Rentals has a major presence in airports and local markets. We always make sure that you have the correct vehicle for the climate and occasion. Special equipment for the hearing impaired, standard safety devices including airbags and antilock brakes are part of our on-going effort to accommodate all of your needs. Let the top down, feel the wind in your hair and become one with the road.

The a convertible rental an impulse buy. Take a leisure weekend getaway in one of these late model sport vehicles. If you need to carry large amounts of cargo and need the comfort of a luxury vehicle, the Ford Excursion will far exceed all of your vacation needs. Florida has many convenient rental locations including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Daytona. Most clients take advantage of hot last minute deals for 12 passenger vans at Budget Car Rentals.